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Underpaper Starring in My Journal

Underpaper Starring in My Journal

Hi. Under what? Underpaper…paper you put under your journal page that you’re working on to protect your desk and the pages under the page you were working on. I am currently using 12×12 deli paper as it works as a nice size protector. Once it has been used a bunch it can be pretty interesting. Admittedly, sometimes it’s a muddy, crumpled mess, but sometimes, the ink sprays, acrylic paint, watercolor and modeling paste create some striking underpaper.  

All of the circles on the two page spread below are hand cut from underpaper. You may not be able to see the texture but all the white on the circles is modeling paste. There is also an awesome shimmer. I glued the colorful pink and orange circles down with a glue stick.  Then I proceeded to stamp, spray and flick black paint all over the pages. A true mixed media collage.