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Hubby’s 50th Birthday

Hubby’s 50th Birthday

We celebrated my hubby’s birthday a week after we got home from our annual spring break beach vacation. FYI it is crazy to plan and execute on a party for 45 people a week after you get home from vacation. It is madness!

In any case, as always I had both moms and my cousin to help. We have thrown many parties together if the years. They are awesome support.

Hubby had a fabulous 50th celebration. It started Mid-week with a Bo Saam dinner. Then Friday, his actual birthday we had an impromptu brunch at Trois Familia with his sisters, the moms and us. It was a fun way to start his actual bday. Then we had dinner for 17 at a favorite Mexican restaurant.  But really this was a lead up to his party. Saturday afternoon pool party which lead to a very late and celebratory night.

Over the next week I will share pictures of his cake, party favors, decorations, wall art, and menu. It was a great time. Happy Birthday (again) honey!