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Throwback Thursday-Art ToolBox Kit

Throwback Thursday-Art ToolBox Kit

I am trying out this Throwback Thursday idea…not sure I can make it fly.  I am struggling with my various tech archives to share some blog postings from 2008-2011.  We shall see.

In any case, when I was running Royal Tart, the boys were really interested in all the designs I created as well as all the neat arts and crafts I was making so I made them their own “tool” box kits .

Inside each toolbox: A glue stick, tacky glue, tape, markers, pencils, water colors, stamps, dimensional glue dots, scissors, stickers, embellishments, letters and other typography, rub-ons, etc.  I also included an art journal that would’t fit in the very full, should I admit to overfull, tool boxes.

I managed to come across a bunch of “old” scrapbook stuff at a garage sale that had never been used.  It was new but wasn’t what was currently on trend.  The boys didn’t know and wouldn’t have cared had they known.  I managed to fill each of their tool boxes to the very tippy top for only $10 each including the art journal.  That was 5 years ago.  They still have their toolboxes and still use them.  I should probably get to refilling them with some new-old crafting stuff–they would love it!




Creative Art Tool Kit