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Glitter Easter Egg Banner

Glitter Easter Egg Banner

Hi.  Hey, I think I mentioned that I was going to share my burlap Easter banner that was published in Somerset Studios’: Holidays & Celebrations but I seem to have misplaced it.  I took it to a creative event and can’t remember where I put it for safe keeping.  Note to self, stop putting things in a “safe spot.” I have another great Easter Banner to share with you.  It is a true Banner in a Blitz.  It took no time at all.

In any case It’s getting to be that time, you know, the time to decorate your home with a few holiday pieces.  To that end, I created this super fast, super easy glitter Easter egg banner.  It can’t much simpler than this.

It took a sum total of 15 (maybe 20) minutes to make.  First I purchased a sleeve of glittered Easter eggs from Target.  The eggs cost $5 bucks.  When I got home I strung skinny metallic gold ribbon through each egg.   Then I glued the glitter eggs together to so they wouldn’t separate while hanging.  Then I cut out flag shape or long triangle shape pastel scrapbook paper to use as the layering piece between the glitter eggs and the gold letters.  I used metallic gold letters I purchased from Target at the same time I picked up the eggs.  Of course, you may make this banner more elaborate if you would like by cutting and glittering your own letters or adding more layers between the eggs and the letters.  But you can’t beat the impact of this banner.

Here the banner is hanging above my dining room table.  I keep the star garland and the silver ball chain up almost all year and just add a seasonal banner to them.  Sometimes this layered look works better than other times.


Happy Easter decorating!