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Spring Banner


It’s a Spring Banner!  It’s “springy” without being cutsey which I love.  I find it hard in my creating to stay away from cutsey.  My kiddos are older and we no longer need cutsey for them so now I am stretching into being less cutsey.  This banner is a great example of how project vision is often different from completion.  And most times, for me anyway, the final product is better than the initial vision.

So here is the initial starting tools.  Including string.

Spring Banner Start

String altered letters in rainbow

Gessod String Letters

Spring Banner Layers

Spring Banner Silk layerSpring Banner Rosette & Paper LayersSpring Banner with LayersSpring Banner Final "G"Hanging Spring Banner


What do You do with $2.00 and 20 minutes? Add Elegance to a Dollar Store Nest & Eggs

What do You do with $2.00 and 20 minutes? Add Elegance to a Dollar Store Nest & Eggs

What do You do with $2.00 and 20 minutes? There are a lot of zippy answers to that question I am sure but really I am a blogger all about celebrating, creating and decorating so my answer, “I upcycled some dollar store finds.”

I wish I had taken a still shot of the cheap looking nests.  They were cute but they looked cheap and were too bright for my taste.  When the boys were little I might have left them as is but I knew I could upcycle the eggs and nests in no time.  This is an image of what they look like after a little paint and some German glass glitter.


So, I might have mentioned that I have a youTube channel.  My son created it for me.  I have a quick how-to video of this upcycle on it.  I took dollar store Easter baskets and glass glittered the eggs and added some paint to soften the blue nest. It really is that simple.  Spend two bucks. Take everything out of the nest.  Paint the nest.  German glass glitter the eggs.  Once everything is dry reassemble the nests.  I put mine on top of champagne colored glass candleholders in a seasonal vignette.



Check out my youTube channel at Trishcreates to see exactly how-to!



Surf’s Up! A Friend For Shamrock Skull

Surf’s Up! A Friend For Shamrock Skull

So after I made the Skull Shamrock piece and hung it on the wall I thought it would be great to create a companion piece.  I thought a St. Patrick’s Day piece would be great.  I could put the art up seasonally together and take them down together.  I just wasn’t sure what the piece was going to be…another graphic piece…a shamrock? a favorite Irish proverb or saying? something witty? what?

Then as happens so often, the companion fell in my lap.  My older boy was required to clean out his drawers as they were stuffed.  He dumped a pile of t-shirts on my bed that were too small.  Guess what was in that pile?  A skull t-shirt.  wow!  yippee!  so fun!  Clearly we went through a phase (maybe we still are?) of skull t-shirts–must have been or is a trend.  I am now addicted!  I secretly am keeping my open for skull t-shirts that I can cut up and hang on my wall.

Here is the Shamrock Skull’s companion.  Cool!  If I can find another it will be a triptych.  I will hang it for not only St. Patty’s Day but also Dia De Los Muertos.  So fun!


Yipppeee!  Love it when everything falls into place!






Throwback Thursday-St. Patrick’s Day Celebration


Thanks to Facebook we are well aware that we have some pretty great stuff in our old files and archives.  Here is a celebration I created during my days running Royal Tart. It’s heavy on green as any St. Patrick’s Day can be, but I added a wee bit o’ the sophistication and zany with the green zebra place mats. This is one of those tablescapes that can be adult in feel or family fun in feel depending on what you want to serve in those long tall beer glasses–lucky charms or beer–of course.

It may feel like I am sharing this a bit early (or if you are an organized sort, not so much) but I wanted to give you time to get your creative juices flowing and your table setting style put together; you have about three weeks. Go! Slante!





Valentine’s Day Inspiration–Heart Home Decor

Valentine’s Day Inspiration–Heart Home Decor

Check it out.  I attended a Seaside Soiree put on by the lovely Elena Etcheverry of Charity Wings, in November 2014.  It was an awesome event.  I promise to post sometime in the future all the amazing art I made.  What does this have to do with Heart Home Décor?  Well one of the workshops was put on by the illustrious Ruth Rae.  She taught a really cool class whereby we created a wall hanging box from flat cardboard, plaster cast material, paint and wax (plus embellishments). I love, love, loved the class.  Fast forward a couple of busy months.  Late January 2015 was the first opportunity I had to design a piece using Ruth Rae’s techniques.  Here it is.

Finished Heart Box Home Decor

Here are some images of this beauty’s creation

photo 1 (2)        Drying hearts

After I shaped the heart from an old cardboard box, I covered it in layers of plaster cast.  I allowed the heart to dry– it took 4 days.  Then I painted it with four different colors of red and pink acrylic paint.  I used Liquitex Crimson heavy bodied paint, 2 craft paints and Golden’s magenta.  Then I highlighted the heart with Golden’s burnt umber paint and black, silver and gold acrylic crafters paint.  Once that was dry I covered the whole heart in a few layers of wax.  After each application of wax I wiped it off with a paper towel.  I was looking to create a heart with textural depth.  The sheen from the wax adds to the overall effect.

Next I inserted the vial.  I found this lovely decorative vial at Michael’s.  I added shredded book paper from an old book I love.  I attached the vial using metal wrapping techniques I learned from Jen Cushman (My technique still has a lot to be desired).

Heart detail image

Loved the process!  Love the results.  This is one piece of home décor art I am proud to have created.

Happy Valentine’s Day!