Art Journal: Crisp, Clean Color

Art Journal: Crisp, Clean Color

When I art journal, anything goes. Sometimes, I move quickly and sometimes I am methodical.  My art journal is heavily inspired by what I see around the time of creating. The page is rarely a long term planned project. 

This page was created in about 45 minutes–lickety split. I came home from a meeting than ran late into the night…I needed to unwind. 

I sprayed some Dylusions ink sprays and some acrylic paint onto my journal and blended a little. Then hit it with a heat gun.  Once dry I used a gate stencil upside down with watermark ink and gold embossing powder. 

Added my girl with Stabilo black “pencil.”  She is part traced, part sketched. Yes, I just admitted that. It works for me. I don’t create to be a great drawer. I create for joy. Then I added embellishments. She has lovely flowers in her hair and a piece of pretty paper on the left page to coordinate. Some more sprays including Dylusions White Liben spray. Stamped an adventurous quote.  

I tend to create with darker more grungy colors or by “tamping” down colors but I really enjoyed stepping out of my regular color treatment for a clean, crisp look. I also like the negative, white space. Intentionally trying to leave more white space in my journals these days. 





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