Starfish Beach Banner

Starfish Beach Banner

Ahoy, Dude, Mate, Hey:

Surf’s up!  It’s an awesome day to catch some rays or waves or just enjoy the last long days of summer.  Out here in Southern Cal we can enjoy a warm day at the beach all year but the sun feels different in the summer.  I created this banner to celebrate the last summer beach days we have.

starfish beach banner cropped

I started with an existing starfish garland.  Then I altered it with glitter letters in sand colored glitter.  Big grainy glitter.   I altered the glittered letters with shells or a little bling.  Then I added pictures of beach babes and seashells in those plastic, Tim Holtz bubbles that were so popular a few years ago.  I taped them bubbles shut with shiny blue tape after I added 3-D embellishments and tiny seashells.  I dangled a seashell from the bubbles.  They added just the right amount of detail without taking away from the clean look of the beach banner.


Starfish Beach Banner

Starfish Beach Banner


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