Friday Journal Page: Texture Back In The Day

Friday Journal Page: Texture Back In The Day

An oldie but goodie.  Okay maybe not an oldie–it’s from 2012–I think that maybe qualifies as an oldie–three years–okay not really, but I have done a ton of creating since I created this art journal page.

I created this page while working in my first actual designated art journal.  I see so many of the same techniques I am currently using–what’s interesting though is that some of these techniques I used back then and then stopped or didn’t use them much and now they are creeping back into my art.

For instance, since I learned about molding paste aka modeling paste aka texture paste I have enjoyed it as a medium but lately I realized I really always appreciate texture in my art journaling.  When my pages don’t have dimension I feel they look flat. This is true of course, as without dimension they are flat.  Now if that isn’t a brilliant statement…But really, I think I used same jar of Golden’s Molding Paste for a year.  I used it if not sparingly, at least not like the I do now, Now I use it like  frosting.  See some recent posts.  You will see I am in a heavy texture phase.  Since the New Year I have purchased four jars.

Now, I am back from making my texture rant…When I look at other artists/crafters/creators I don’t miss dimension in their art journal or wall art, but I do in mine.  I see now, that I have liked texture for a long time.  Notice the molding paste dots, the green  heavy bodied paint over the dimensional leaf ribbon and the red heavy bodied paint over the red roses.  Also, notice that I have layers of paper creating both interesting layers but also texture.  I believe you have just witnessed me in an art journal growth moment.

I hope you enjoyed it!



art journal page w heavy bodied paint


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