Trish’s Tuesday Tag: Tim Holt’s 12 Tags of 2015 April Tag

Trish’s Tuesday Tag: Tim Holt’s 12 Tags of 2015 April Tag

Wow!  It is unbelievable how quickly a month can fly by.  Taking a vacation was awesome but boy do I notice that I missed a week of work, fun and creating.  It is April 28 and I am finally posting my addition to the 12 Tags of 2015 Tim Holtz monthly challenge.

As you know I am not a big sewer.  I love all the crafts and art with machine stitching it always seems like a big hassle to get the machine out.  Once it’s out. Then it is fun.  Maybe someday the sewing machine will have a designated place so that it is always available.

So, here is my tag inspired by Tim Holt’s challenge.  It was a stretch not because of the composition but because of the sewing machine.  I managed to break a needle and jam the machine.  I think it was a tension thing. Then it became my tension thing.   In any case, it is a lucky day that the tag is done.  I like how fresh it feels.  The tag I created ended up a little more themey (I know fur sur “themey” is a word) than I planned.  After the sewing machine hassle it seemed the sewing theme was appropriate.  What do you think?

Trish' Tag Sewing

Next month is literally only a few days away.  It is the first time in a long time that I don’t have to wait what feels like a looooooooooooooonnnggg time before the next challenge.  Can’t wait.  It’s onto the next.




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