Documented Life Project Art Journal Page Gelli Plate Monoprinting

Documented Life Project Art Journal Page Gelli Plate Monoprinting

t’s a Documented Life Project Art Journal Page.  The challenge: Gelli Plate Printing.  I took this challenge to its max.  I printed every image, design, circle, dot on the page except for the black uniball pen and the key rubons.  I added the rubons after I adhered my page in my art journal as it seemed like I needed to create a cohesive page.  It looked like I had simply glued my art journal page to my art journal which is fine but I like a more cohesive look.  For an afterthought I very much like the keys.

The Gelli Plate is a really cool monoprinting invention.  Thank you Gelli Arts.  If you haven’t heard of Gelli Plates or haven’t used yours since you acquired it check out sample suggestions at the Gelli Arts Website.  There are tons of great tutorials and tips.

I must admit while I use my Gelli Plate I am by no means an expert nor do I use it as anything other than a tool.  I usually slap on some paint.  Smear it around with a brayer or my finger and place a piece of paper on top of the plate.  It is a quick way to add a background to build on.

In this DLP page I really pushed myself to use the plate differently than I normally do.  I put my stencils and detail work on the Gelli Plate and printed.  I have layers and layers on my page.  I love the look.  It reminds me very much of Rae Missigman.  She is a DLP instructor.  Her new stencils were featured and boy did I want to rush out and purchase them.  So fun.  So great.  So NOT cutsey!!!!!  Thank you Rae Missigman.  In any case, I was inspired to use some of her stamps on my Gelli Plate.

DLP Gelli Plate Art Journal Page

So try it out…you can paint, stamp, stencil, dot, scrape, stencil, polka dot, write on your Gelli Plate and print one after the other.




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