How Easter Messed Me Up or Trish Creates A Monthly Triumvirate Art Challenge


Hi.  Easter messed me up.  That statement is not meant to be blasphemous nor an attack on Easter itself.  Rather, I wanted to drop my exciting new idea on April 1, 2015 as it was the beginning of the month and it seemed the right day to drop a challenge.  But I aslo had all these Easter ideas and projects that I wanted to share and it just seemed foolish to have 12 posts in one week.  Not that people don’t do it all the time, I just don’t have the bandwidth to do such.

So here is my hat…

Here is a ring…

I am officially tossing my hat into the Art Challenge ring!  Yippee!  I challenge myself to other artists challenges ( I have taken on many art challenges designed by others.  Some are weekly like the 2015 Documented Life Project, Life Book or monthly like Tim Holtz’s 12 Tags of 2013,14,15) all the time to keep my art fresh and my skills strong. Plus as I am an avid skill collector I love to learn.  New Techniques.  The thing I like about challenges whether they are personal or shared, or are created for art or fitness or financial or whatever is that they often provide a paradigm shift or at least a shift in focus (isn’t that the same thing?).  I find that during the month that I am working on my Triumvirate Art Challenge (Should I call it Trish’s Triumvirate Art Challenge? seems a little egocentric but then if I weren’t sharing it on my blog I would be calling it “My Personal Art Challenge.) I am thinking of ways to incorporate the techniques in most every piece I create.  Often times I don’t use all three techniques but the techniques are at the forefront as I am creating. It keeps my creating fresh.

So, since I have been challenging myself for years (one year I challenged myself to a banner every month; one year it was an art journal page every week, etc.) I thought I would extend my challenge opportunity to others. This year I have a more complex monthly challenge.  Drum roll, please…

I picked three of my art/craft books by three different authors at the beginning of the year (I will share the book titles and authors in December).  I randomly open each book to a page.  So, I have three random techniques that have nothing to do with each other.  And I have three techniques to incorporate into my art during any given month.  Pretty fun!

So for April, the challenge is an interesting triumvirate mix:

1) String.  Incorporate string for texture or for strings sake

2) No-Sew fabric

3) Sewn crepe paper streamer rosettes

Check out some of the great art and crafts I have created incorporating these three techniques.  I will admit that the No-sew fabric technique was a big stretch for me.  I really don’t do much with fabric so incorporating it into my tags and mixed media was really uhhh, dare I say, challenging? As was adding string at first. Neither string or fabric show up regularly in my art unless it is home décor or banner art.  But now that I have the string technique only time will tell if it shows up in my art/crafts in the future.

I created a tag that was no-sew.  Check it out this Tuesday as my Trish’s Tuesday Tag.  I also incorporated string and fabric into an art journal page which I love in other peoples they just aren’t my natural  go to mediums.

Trish’s Tuesday Tag: Spring No-Sew Fabric tag with string and a crepe paper rosette.

Throwback Thursday: It’s a new wall hanging made with a silk scarf from the 1940’s. It was my first piece I made in this month’s art challenge.

Friday: Art Journal with string

Saturday: Spring string banner with rosettes and some no-sew fabric

I would love to see and share all the great art you make this month with the Challenge.  Next month I hope to have all my links set up so that you can post your art and share.

Hope you enjoy Trish’s Technique Tool Box (maybe that’s the name??)




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