Art Journal Page Share

Art Journal Page Share

I have worked in an art journal off and on for years.  Sometimes I work through a class, workshop or Internet prompt and sometimes I work on my own.  This year I am participating in the Documented Life Project.  I am loving the workshop.  Check it out at  It seems to be a perfect mix of styles, artists and prompts for me.  Having just told you about DLP I am actually sharing a journal page not from DLP.  Aahh, the oddities of blogging.  So on goes the post.

I am sharing a page from an archived Art Journal.  I used tissue paper, acrylic paint, stains, magazine images and other ephemera.

When I first started Art Journaling I was in high school (which was just last year OR…maybe 30 years ago), back then I didn’t call it Art Journaling.  It was my sketchbook and into went everything.  Some of it was mixed media, some was technique, some pencil drawings, some reflections. Sounds just like an Art Journal, but it was a sketch book (ha!).  I think there are many fine artists that carry a sketchbook and journal, draw, write, save ideas, etc in it.  Whatever you want to call it.  It’s a great tool to provide you with a creative outlet that needn’t be perfect.  . Enjoy my joy and imperfection.



roses collage journal page


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