Throwback Thursday: A Golden Easter Egg

Throwback Thursday: A Golden Easter Egg

Happy Throwback Thursday!  I have a blog about the Golden Easter Egg.  When the boys were little we read a lovely pop-up book about Easter eggs and all of these lovely springtime animals were on the egg hunt. The golden Easter egg was the prized egg.  Long lovely story short we created a golden Easter egg tradition in our home. At the time we created the tradition there were no ready made golden Easter eggs on the market.  Now they are everywhere but back then not so much.  This is an easy craft with elegant results.  Better than the plastic golden eggs of now.

The egg in the images is actually a porcelain egg that I spray painted with metallic gold paint.  My girlfriend told me she picked up a dozen of plastic craftable eggs in a carton  at Walmart for like $2.00.  These would be perfect to work with as they are created to take paint and you won’t have to worry about breaking the golden egg.

Because the egg is so special I also created a golden egg cup for it to stand in for Easter brunch.  I spray painted the egg cup with the same metallic paint and added some metallic ribbon and a little felt embellishment.  So sweet.


So, the golden egg was painted and laid in the grass or a more difficult hiding spot as the boys got older.  Whomever found the golden egg won the coveted golden egg.




P.S.  Every year I touch up the Golden Easter egg and egg cup as necessary


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