Trish’s Tuesday Tag: Easter Egg Resin Resist Tag

Trish’s Tuesday Tag: Easter Egg Resin Resist Tag

Hiya.  So I know there is going to be a big announcement tomorrow but I am super excited about today’s tag.  Maybe almost as excited as I am for tomorrows post.

So today is all about an egg shaped tag–It is a total “green” craft.  What I mean is that the tag came as a tag attached to a recent spring home décor purchase.  I know if I were the one reading this blog post and not writing it I would want to see what the purchase was–well be patient you will get to see the item that was attached to the tag.  I promise I did NOT purchase the bunny (ha! now you know) just for the tag.  Those of you who are collagers or mixed media mavens will appreciate that I didn’t pick the item just for the tag.  Okay onward…

So, I discovered the fab egg tag while removing the tags from my bunny and thought, “hmmm.  I should make an Easter egg shaped tag since it is indeed an egg shaped tag.  Then I promptly forgot all about it.  Fast forward a few weeks.  I was working on a new technique and thought wow this resin resist technique would make a really cool speckled egg.  So, then I had to dig around and find the tag because of course I didn’t put it in my tag bin as I knew I was going to do something cool with it.


So, because this is my blog and I get to do what I want I am not going to share the technique with you here and now.  I am making a video with my boy sharing the technique.  He created a youTube channel for me.  You can find my new channel at youTube/Trishcreates.  There is even one video already posted.  This video will appear in due course.  You will be the first to know when this technique is posted.  In any case, enjoy the images.  Love the tag!



I think the tag looks a little like a misshapen planet Earth but just you wait…It looks like an Easter Egg in no time! A little ribbon, a little embellishment and it’s a beauty.  Also, you can partially see the bunny it was originally attached to “holding” the egg tag!


Hope you are getting into the spring holiday spirit.




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