So Grateful My First Ever Art Journal Share


My first Art Journal post and my first PUBLIC Art Journal display.  Wow!  I had no idea the pressure I would feel trying to pick the first public appearance of my art journaling (I had tons of pages to choose from).  I have been of the mind that my art journal is for me and not for my friends, family or students, but really if anyone ever asked I shared my pages and sometimes when I was especially pleased I would share my page out of pure joy.  And of course during family art journal time we all see what each other creates.  Okay, so all that being said I picked the below image as my first Art Journal post as it sums up how I feel most about my creativity and ability to grow and share.  It is certainly not my best art journal page but really art journaling isn’t about good or bad it’s about creating pure and simple.  So, here’s my first every art journal share…




PS I am not sure when this page was created I think spring 2013.  Possibly even for a Life Book Prompt.  If it is from a Life Book Prompt every intent is made to give credit where credit is due.  Thanks.


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