Throwback Thursday: Meet Mr. & Mrs. Bunny

Throwback Thursday: Meet Mr. & Mrs. Bunny

Easter eggs are a big tradition in our household.  They were a big deal when I was a kid and they are a big deal now that I have kiddos.  In fact, every Easter we have gotten together with family and neighbors and spent the evening decorating Easter eggs.  It is a big ta-doo.  We have decorated dozens and dozens of eggs.  Each year we seem to decorate more and more.  Some years the eggs are traditional Easter eggs with Paas dye, vinegar and some really muddy looking eggs.  There always seems to be one or two that are left for the whole evening in the vinegar bath.  Sometimes this effect is saturated and stunning and sometimes its just plain bright.

Some years we go a little crazy decorating and the eggs are little works of art (always a good thing).  One year after the boys went to bed my girlfriend and I spent the rest of the night (and it turned into a late one) blowing eggs and creating little hats and ears for our blown eggs.  Some of our creations were pretty incredible if I don’t say so myself.  Below is a picture of Mr. & Mrs. Bunny.  They were inspired by a crafty Easter book we were looking through.  The Easter eggs were o’ so delicate but just plain darling.  We loved them immediately.  They took a lot of (pleasant) effort, some frustrated groans, some laughing… as you can see, the end product was well worth our time and the death of many broken eggs.

I hope Mr. & Mrs. Bunny bring a little Easter joy to your day.

Cheers, Trish

Blown Easter Bunny Eggs sized web small




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