Surf’s Up! A Friend For Shamrock Skull

Surf’s Up! A Friend For Shamrock Skull

So after I made the Skull Shamrock piece and hung it on the wall I thought it would be great to create a companion piece.  I thought a St. Patrick’s Day piece would be great.  I could put the art up seasonally together and take them down together.  I just wasn’t sure what the piece was going to be…another graphic piece…a shamrock? a favorite Irish proverb or saying? something witty? what?

Then as happens so often, the companion fell in my lap.  My older boy was required to clean out his drawers as they were stuffed.  He dumped a pile of t-shirts on my bed that were too small.  Guess what was in that pile?  A skull t-shirt.  wow!  yippee!  so fun!  Clearly we went through a phase (maybe we still are?) of skull t-shirts–must have been or is a trend.  I am now addicted!  I secretly am keeping my open for skull t-shirts that I can cut up and hang on my wall.

Here is the Shamrock Skull’s companion.  Cool!  If I can find another it will be a triptych.  I will hang it for not only St. Patty’s Day but also Dia De Los Muertos.  So fun!


Yipppeee!  Love it when everything falls into place!







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