Trish’s Tuesday Tag: St Patrick’s Day Ginormous Tag

Trish’s Tuesday Tag: St Patrick’s Day Ginormous Tag

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Hope your wearing your green!

When I think of tags I most often think of small pieces of art. I know that often I use tags to learn or teach a new technique or when I want to create a piece of art that, in theory, will be less time consuming than if I were creating a journal page, a canvas or a banner.

However in this case, I created a ginormous tag–okay maybe not ginormous, but the tag is 71/2 inches tall without the pretty green ribbon.

A while back, as in a few years ago, I purchased some ephemera in a packet that was backed with a cool tag with a scalloped top. I put the tag in my tag bin (yes I have a bin o’tags). For this project since it was St. Patrick’s Day and all about good fun I decided to alter the ginormous tag.

Tag to be altered

Tag to be altered

I was inspired by the lush, ubiquitous green fields of Ireland.


But then I decided I liked the back side of the tag better. It was more cohesive and the green glittered “IRISH” letters stood out better.  I also transferred a magazine image of three “pints” of beer.  I thought that was very appropriate.



If you haven’t transferred an image yet–fear not!  It’s as easy as 1,2,3.  First you locate and image and trim it up (or not); then you smear some gel medium ( I use Golden’s Gel Medium) onto the image.  Then, you place the image, image side down onto the paper or in this case tag that you want to transfer the image to.  Then you do something else for about an hour while you are waiting for the gel medium to dry and the transfer to take place.  In this case I glittered letters.

Then as a final step you squirt water onto the gel medium and rub the paper away.  I will do a time lapse video of such so that you can see it.  Super easy.  Super fun.  You just need a little courage because even though it seems highly implausible, it will work.

After the beers transferred, I decided that the tag needed something different than I was planning.  I liked the door knocker(which I acquired while shopping at the Rose Bowl Flea a few weeks back) at the top of the tag–Super cool–super tarnished brass piece fit perfectly under the scalloped edges of the top of the tag.  I wanted to tie the brass into the tag more.  So I added gold embossing.  I had been working on Tim Holtz’s March 12 Tags of 2015 “enameled” tag and still had the embossing powder on my desk.  So I stamped script over the entire tag and embossed it gold.  I like the tie into the brass knocker and the idea of Leprechaun’s pots of gold.


Now what?  I didn’t like the lettering laid out as planned.  So I bunched it up and added a quick “posy” of stick pins.  Covered the gluey part with a lovely brass shield and a bit of ribbon that matched the tie top ribbon.  Glued down a green striped grosgrain ribbon and called it a focal point.  I love the whole embellishment.  Rich, stylish, silly and pretty (just how I like my men-j).


Now, that the letters were bunched up I had to decide how to finish the tag.  I let the tag hang on my wall for a few days (sometimes quick art aint so quick). I was putting up my shamrock garland when I came across the perfect sized little shamrock.  I attached it to the tag and called it done and done.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




















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