Trish’s Tuesday Tag: Tim Holtz “Enameled” Tag

Trish’s Tuesday Tag: Tim Holtz “Enameled” Tag

You win some, you lose some and sometimes it’s a draw. I was initially thinking this was a “lose” but I’ve decided to cut myself some slack–I’m calling it a “draw.” There are design elements that make areas of the tag work and I like the feel of the tag, but I just can’t call it a “love.”

For example, I really like how the “enameled arrows” work with the metal arrows and the saying, “Be careful going in search of adventure, it is ridiculously easy to find.”  Arrows just seem to work with the quote.  Adventurous.  I also like the way the black ribbon, the black shiny embossing and the black woven vertical ribbon tie the tag together.  I also like how the vintage glass embellishment fits into the piece.  I like the texture that the “enameling” created.  I like the background colors.  I like most of the parts of the tag.  I think I should love this tag–I guess what I am dissatisfied with is the sum of all those parts.

I also enjoyed learning a new technique.  The “enameling” really creates a cool texture. And the gold is so of the moment.  So on trend. You can learn exactly how to do it on the Tim Holtz Blog, here is his link:

Thanks to Tim Holtz for his March Tag of his 12 Tags of 2015 series.






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