St Patrick’s Day Graphic Shamrock Skull Wall Art

St Patrick’s Day Graphic Shamrock Skull Wall Art

It’s funny…now that I have some free time and I fancy myself at least on occasion an artist, I find that I often try to complicate simple visual impactful pieces with all the layers and creative stuff and techniques I know. The truth is sometimes I get all Rube Goldberg on my pieces.  I make easy stuff hard just for the sake of it or because I can. This piece is an example of exactly that.

But sometimes what makes for the best art is seemingly simple. Impactful. Graphic. Like Kenny says, ” you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold ’em, no when to walk away, no when to run.” This was one of those “hold ’em” and “walk away” times.

” Hold ’em” because the graphic skull medallion was cut from a t-shirt that one the boys have outgrown.  It’s been a while now but I just really liked the image.  I put it away for a couple years until haha inspiration struck.  That’s holding em fur sur.

Once I decided I wanted to make a piece of wall art I knew I wanted to use a canvas or board with deep sides so that I wouldn’t have to frame it.  Then I started gunking things up.  I was going to layer it.  Add stuff over the image, etc.  Luckily I hadn’t started to adhere anything as I sometimes do.  Not sure how I managed to forestall my impatience but I did.  That’s when I realized this was going to be one of those quick and simple but oh so impactual pieces.

I went through my scrap of paper and chose a piece that I liked best … Dots too cute? not really but I wanted something with a little green; thin stripe not the right scale; fat stripe– like it a lot but again where is the green?




Mitch’s (remember he is the artist child) watercolor with pencils was tempting. I like the idea that it was a piece of mommy and Mitch art. But I decided his watercolor pencil piece was just too sweet of a piece to adhere a St. Patrick’s Day skull too most of it.

Shamrock Skull on rainbow watercolor

When I finally decided on the paper (they were all good but I did find the “perfect” one for this time–green but still a little dark), I adhered the scrapbook paper to a 12 x 12 deep sided board. I fussy cut my skeleton and attached him him to the board . Adhered some scrap paper to the sides of the deep sided board.   It took me a very short amount of time once I finally decided what I was going to do.

Tada! Simple, fun, a little edgy (would you call the fellow lucky? maybe) and maybe a little holiday. A fun piece that I can hang even when the boys are teenagers.






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