Trish’s Tuesday Tag

Trish’s Tuesday Tag

Good Morning!  It’s starting to feel like a regular occurrence here.  It’s my Tuesday Tag.  As you may remember I was on a creative blitz last Sunday.  It was one of those rare magical days where I accomplished so much I was pleased with.  One of my creative successes was the tag below.  It was an unseasonably warm weekend in So Cal and I had just purchased a Fiskars flower stamp set that was pretty, flowery and fun but not too cutsey (at least that is my opinion–pretty stamp). so I was inspired to invoke spring–I know that much of the US is currently suffering from unprecedented snow and cold so please use this tag as a bright spot in your cold winter day.

Creative Details: First I stenciled the tag in various citrusy colors with craft acrylic paint.  Then  I added black ink to the tag.  Then it felt a little “hot” so I added so gesso and dabbed it off with a baby wipe.  While the tag was drying I stamped my pretty new flower stamps onto a piece of book paper with black archival ink.  I fussy cut the flowers out.  I messed around with arrangement and added a green geometric shaped scrap on top of the stenciled tag so it wasn’t so busy.  I modpodged the flowers to the stamp and doodled with a black ballpoint pen and a black acrylic Sharpie.  Then since the tag was so spring like and citrusy I added more green in the form of ribbon.  I added a charm from a broken necklace and called my tag, “done.”










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