Valentine’s Day Inspiration–Heart Home Decor

Valentine’s Day Inspiration–Heart Home Decor

Check it out.  I attended a Seaside Soiree put on by the lovely Elena Etcheverry of Charity Wings, in November 2014.  It was an awesome event.  I promise to post sometime in the future all the amazing art I made.  What does this have to do with Heart Home Décor?  Well one of the workshops was put on by the illustrious Ruth Rae.  She taught a really cool class whereby we created a wall hanging box from flat cardboard, plaster cast material, paint and wax (plus embellishments). I love, love, loved the class.  Fast forward a couple of busy months.  Late January 2015 was the first opportunity I had to design a piece using Ruth Rae’s techniques.  Here it is.

Finished Heart Box Home Decor

Here are some images of this beauty’s creation

photo 1 (2)        Drying hearts

After I shaped the heart from an old cardboard box, I covered it in layers of plaster cast.  I allowed the heart to dry– it took 4 days.  Then I painted it with four different colors of red and pink acrylic paint.  I used Liquitex Crimson heavy bodied paint, 2 craft paints and Golden’s magenta.  Then I highlighted the heart with Golden’s burnt umber paint and black, silver and gold acrylic crafters paint.  Once that was dry I covered the whole heart in a few layers of wax.  After each application of wax I wiped it off with a paper towel.  I was looking to create a heart with textural depth.  The sheen from the wax adds to the overall effect.

Next I inserted the vial.  I found this lovely decorative vial at Michael’s.  I added shredded book paper from an old book I love.  I attached the vial using metal wrapping techniques I learned from Jen Cushman (My technique still has a lot to be desired).

Heart detail image

Loved the process!  Love the results.  This is one piece of home décor art I am proud to have created.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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